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Welcome  to the Printing Edge online web site and thank you for your interest in our company. Our primary goals are to provide customers with consistent quality labels and wafer seals in a manner that will satisfy any of your production needs. Every job shipped will have our guarantee to assure you of super quality, quick turnaround and accurate, better than competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in offering personalized service to each of our customers, and would like to assist you with any future label needs.

Printing Edge, Inc. has been fulfilling several industry demands. First, as a supplier for the direct mail industry, a high focus has been toward the production of any size and type of wafer seal, mailing tabs, clear flex poly tabs, aggressive adhesive labels, mailing labels, indicia’s, bar codes, laser sheets, piggyback labels, thermal direct and thermal transfer labels. This gives us the opportunity of offering customers a low price along with an inventory of all types (tens of milions) available to satisfy any of your production demands. Sample rolls are available for testing on any equipment.

Second, to service all industries, our capabilities range from 1 to 8 colors and up to 10″ width. Custom printed labels, product labels, piggyback, thermal labels, IRC coupon, instant coupon, banners, signs, vinyl lettering, decals, laser sheets, mailing labels, tamper evident seals, beverage bottle labels, digital labels, is a quick summery of some available products. The average turnaround on any custom printed job is approximately 7 working days.

Everything You Need To Know About Wafer Seals

If you are engaged in a direct mail campaign or you want to send a booklet or brochure to targeted customers then wafer seals are an important aspect of this process. If these sealing products are not used then your materials may not reach the intended recipient in good shape.

There are specific USPS regulations that need to be understood, and a number of top considerations when choosing the perfect wafer seal product. You should also be aware of the different roll sizes and dispensers that are available, so that any project will be much easier and cost effective.

What Are Wafer Seals and Why Are They Used?

Wafer seals are required when you have materials with folding pages or materials that will come open during the mailing process, like booklets and pamphlets that will be mailed through the US Postal Service.

The wafer seals are used to seal the pages closed and expedite the mailing process, while preventing damage to individual pages. Many printing companies that provide direct mail packages and other mailing services outsource the sealing process because the machines that perform this function may be difficult to maintain or operate.

Wafer Seals and United States Postal Service Regulations

The United States Postal Service has specific wafer seal regulations that must be followed for any materials that are mailed. If the open edge of the printed product is located at the top then a single wafer seal may be all that is needed. If the edge is at the bottom of the printed material then two wafer seals are needed.

Any mail that does not meet USPS regulations may be returned. All of the tabbing and sealing requirements for domestic mail in the USA can be found in the Domestic Mail Manual at the USPS.

6 Important Wafer Seal Considerations

1. Shape- Wafer seals that are one inch circles are the usual choice but there are other options as well. It is possible to find these products in a variety of shapes, and this includes butterfly, square, rectangle, oval, and other choices.

2. Size- The typical size of wafer seals is one inch, but you are not restricted to this size only. It is possible to find wafer seal products that are larger than one inch, and there are some that are also smaller than normal as well.

3. Substrate-You will find many choices when it comes to the substrate of wafer seals. Pick from foils in varying shades, paper substrates, or Mylar that is either tinted or clear. These are just some of the many great wafer seal product choices you will find.

4. Perforation- Wafer seals that have been perforated will open easier, and this can help avoid tearing the materials that are being mailed. Recipients will appreciate the fact that you have made it easier for them to see what you are sending.

5. Sealing Position And Purchase Quantity- Make sure that you order an adequate number of wafer seals for your mailed materials. If you need two seals and you only calculate for one per item then you could end up short.

6. Wafer Seal Dispensers and Rolls- When you need wafer seals then you also need to consider rolls and dispensers as well. There are many dispensers to choose from, and roll options can help eliminate clutter and keep your expenses as low as possible.

Wafer Seals

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