Individual Rolls

Run Quieter, Faster and Stick Better to More Surfaces Including Digital Inks
clear flex poly tabs individual rolls

Custom printing & Poly Mailing Tab - Individual Rolls

Custom printing Tabs are the best choice for wafer sealing colorful mailing work, these tabs run quieter and faster, at the same time sticking better to more substrates including digitally printed pieces.

  • Material: 3 mil Custom printing & Polyester with 40# Liner
  • Compatibility with most tabbing machines.
  • Tabs are wound onto 3" inside diameter cores.
  • Liner Print Bar: Black Bar between tabs
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1" Clear Flex Poly Tabs 3.0 mil Poly with perforation

Stock No.:INV-CFP1-20V, Tabs/ Roll:20,000

1 Roll @$2.61/m($56.32/Roll


1-1/2" Clear Flex Poly Tabs 3.0 mil Poly With No Perforation

Stock No.INV-CFP1-5A, Tabs/ Roll:20,000

1 Roll @$5.28/m ($105.60/Roll)

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