TransUltra™ Paper Tabs

TransUltra™ Paper Tabs

About TransUltra™ Paper Tabs

Our new TransUltra™ 1-1/2" diameter wafer seal is dramatically more translucent and compliant with the new 2013 USPS regulations (39 CFR Part 111) for the mailing of booklets. We use a 2.2 mil Translucent Ultra Paper, which is ideal for fast tab application. We avoid fracturing the liner when die cutting to eliminate web breaks when tabbing.

The cost of the new TransUltra™ 1-1/2" tab is approximately 30% more than the standard translucent tab, but that cost is still only 3/10ths of one penny per individual tab. The total cost for three tabs on a booklet is less than a penny vs. the 20 cents increase per booklet ( 3oz 9 x 6" ) if sent flat rate without tabs. This means that for customers, the expense of bulk rate mail is not in the cost of the tab. This is not to say that all tabs are made equal! Quality matters, and those that choose Printing Edge Inc. tabs know that when it comes to running mailing tabs, no tab runs faster or more trouble-free than a Printing Edge tab.

2.2 mil TransUltra™ Paper Tabs

Tab Size Roll Count Perf Liner Print Web Width
Tab Dia.
Edge Space
GAP Between Tabs
Perfs per Tab
Roll Dia.
Wt. per Case Illust.
1-1/2" 20,000 None Bar 1-5/8" 1-1/2" 1/16" 1/8" N/A 14.50'' 40# Above

Material Tolerances and Product Specifications

TransUltra™ PAPER TABS
  • Ultra- Translucent Paper
  • Thickness: 2.2 mils
  • Tear Strength: MD: 20 grams
  • CD: 22 grams
  • Opacity: 21%
  • Type: Special Purpose Permanent
  • Designed for extremely tight diameter applications
  • Service Temp: -65° F to 200° F (-54° c to 93° c)
  • 40# Semi-Bleached Densified Kraft Liner
  • Thickness 2.5 mils
  • Tensile Strength: MD 45 lbs/in.
  • CD: 21 lbs/in.


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