Clear Poly Tabs

Clear Poly Tabs

About Clear Poly Tabs

There are many different manufacturers of Clear Tabs but, all clear tabs are not the same. Printing Edge has developed a Trouble Free Clear Tab that eliminates the most common problems associated with clear tab application. We use a 2.5mil clear polystyrene (not 2.0 mils). 2.5 is the correct rigidity for fast tab application. We also avoid fracturing the liner when die cutting to eliminate web breaks when tabbing.

Clear Wafer Seals are ideal for mailing projects that are multicolor. Clear Tabs will not be as noticeable as white tabs, therefore, they will not distract the recipient away from the mailed message.

For ease of opening, and to prevent the recipient from tearing the mail, use a perforated tab. The selection of vertical or horizontal perforation is determined by the type of tabbing machines used and the direction that the mailing piece is fed relative to the dispensing direction of the tab.

Below are the specifications and illustrations which will help you select the correct Clear Tab for your application. If you have special requirements please call:  201-439-0975


Material Tolerances and Product Specifications

  • Clear Polystyrene
  • Thickness: 2.5 mils
  • Tear Strength: MD:10,500 lbƒ/in² (72 MPa), TD: 10,500 lbƒ/in² (72 MPa) 60° Gloss 160%, Elongation: MD:45% TD: 10%
  • Type: General Purpose Acrylic
  • Service Temp: -65° F to 200° F (-54° C to 93° C)
  • 50# Semi-Bleached Densified Kraft Liner
  • Thickness 3.2 mils
  • Tensile Strength: MD 45 lbs/in.
  • CD: 21 lbs/in.


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